United States To Boycott United Nations Human Rights Council Meeting Over Anti-Israel Bias

Hannah Bleau

It’s good to see the Trump administration walking the walk.

According to that sourcelink, the Trump administration is boycotting the United Nation’s Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting Monday over its blatant anti-Israel bias. The Council is expected to “adopt at least five anti-Israel resolutions,” and the Trump administration refuses to tolerate it.

On Monday, the UNHRC is set to consider an agenda known as the “human rights situation in Palestine and other occupied Arab territories.” It is said to include several anti-Israel declarations that the Trump administration fiercely objects to.


Senior Trump administration officials who spoke to the Free Beacon said the upcoming resolutions affirm the U.N.’s unacceptable bias against Israel, which remains the only member nation that has specific agenda items aimed against it.


The efforts to criticize Israel threaten the council’s credibility and are said to have motivated the Trump administration to boycott Monday’s meeting.

And yes. Nikki Haley is totally on board with this too.

“The argument that the U.S. has to participate in bodies like the United Nations Human Rights Council or risk losing our influence over it is ridiculous,” said one senior administration official familiar with the boycott. “The UNHRC is, like its predecessor, morally bankrupt and the only good news is that its actions have little practical effect in the real world. We’ve wasted enough time and money on it.”

We sure as heck have. That’s why I’m positively delighted that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson sent them a stern letter, threatening to leave the Council (unless it undergoes “considerable reform”).

“While it may be the only such organization devoted to human rights, the Human Rights Council requires considerable reform in order for us to continue to participate,” Tillerson wrote.

(By the way, China, Egypt, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia are on the Council. How laughable is that?)

It’s a big change. After all, the Obama administration essentially approved of the anti-Israel resolutions.

The Trump administration is reportedly urging other nations to vote against anti-Israel resolutions and “to criticize the UNHCR’s anti-Israel bias.”

Like Tillerson said. Until we see some serious changes, we’re out.