Tim Allen Talks Being Conservative In Hollywood On Jimmy Kimmel…

Daisy, Co-Founder

Tim Allen was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and he talked about being conservative in Hollywood, about going to the inauguration, and basically – how he’s a walking anomaly in a town of lib-bots.

Kimmel brushed right over it – I’m actually shocked that he had Allen ON HIS SHOW, frankly.  But it is what it is. And I’m delighted to see that Allen is still freaking working, despite his outward right-leanings.

I barely watch television anymore, but I have caught about four episodes of his show Last Man Standing, and I actually liked them (go figure!).  His character is a lot like him, so what’s not to like?  And I totally want to see him at the Mirage in Las Vegas, too.  So there’s that.  Also – the guy is 63, y’all.  I swear, people just don’t age properly in California.  Conservatives not excluded.