It Has Come To This: Employer Has Begun Using A ‘Snowflake Test’ To Weed Out ‘Whiny, Entitled’ Job Candidates

Miss CJ

This is actually a BRILLIANT idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if more employers followed suit. Especially given how many special snowflakes have been graduating from college and entering the workforce.

According to this, CEO Kyle Reyes of The Silent Partner Marketing has gotten a bit of flack – but also much praise – for his “Snowflake Test.” That is, a series of questions he asks potential employees applying to work at his company to see if they are going to be hard workers, or if they’re just going to whine about white privilege or some other garbage.

The test came about, according to Reyes, after a video about his company went viral and he was inundated with applications from young job seekers looking for work. Only problem was that he didn’t have a way to weed out the “whiny, needy, entitled little brats” (as he called them). Also, most people just suck –

But here’s the thing.
I don’t want most people to work for my company. No, seriously. Most people suck.
I said most people suck. Really. Not just professionally. Just as people. They are whiny, needy, entitled little brats.
Not just millennials. Their parents. Their grandparents. Their kids. Lots of people.
And I want people to work for me who don’t suck.

I love this guy already (in a completely platonic way, of course). People seriously do suck.

Rather than waste his time and money hiring someone who was going to cause his company problems, Reyes came up with a 30 question test and that would help determine who would be considered for job openings. Here he is talking about it on Fox and Friends –

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And, according to this, Reyes has gotten crap from people who didn’t pass the Snowflake Test. But it doesn’t bug him –

Since I launched this “filtering” process, if you will, I’ve gotten a tremendous amount of whining from the general public.

I was scolded by a woman on the phone yesterday who told me she wouldn’t take the test and “shame” on me for making people take a test to come work for us.  She “demanded” I remove the test or risk losing out on “perfect employees” like herself.


Well, snowflake, it’s back to the heaping pile of applications for me.

Somehow, I don’t think Reyes is going to be losing much sleep over these glorified toddlers’ hurt feelings.