Eric And Lara Trump Are Expecting Their First Child In September

Hannah Bleau

Eric and Lara Trump are expecting their first child in September.

President Trump congratulated his son and daughter-in-law on Twitter.

The baby boy will be President Trump’s ninth grandkid (Donald Trump Jr. has five kids and Ivanka Trump has three.) Crazy, huh?

The two are currently struggling to come up with a name.

โ€œWe really loved the name Charlie, but weโ€™d already named our dog that, so itโ€™s out,โ€ Eric said.

โ€œWe sort of screwed ourselves over there,” Lara said.

They could always change their dog’s name and give it to the kid. That’s what my parents did. I’m not even kidding. My parents originally named their Newfoundlandย Hannah (it’s also a variation of my great grandmother’s name) and later found out they were pregnant with me. So they were all, “Hey. Let’s change the dog’s name to Annie and name our kid the name we REALLY love.” And here I am. Hannah. The Chick with a name stolen from a dog.


Babies are awesome. Big congrats to Eric and Lara, right? WRONG.

Yeah. They’re totally going to inform their baby that his grandfather is Literally Hitler. I’m sure of it.

Prison for…?

Incredibly mature. Bravo!

The good news? The majority of the comments were nice and congratulatory. But still. The people with the idiotic/rude comments above? They walk among us.

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