President Trump Has Reduced The Debt By Over $100 Billion In Two Months

BOCA RATON, FL - APRIL 16: Billionaire Donald Trump laughs while speaking to a crowd at the 2011 Palm Beach County Tax Day Tea Party on April 16, 2011 at Sanborn Square in Boca Raton, Florida. Trump is considering a bid for the 2012 presidency and is expected to announce his running in the coming weeks. (Photo by John W. Adkisson/Getty Images)

Numbers are in, and while President Trump’s first two months in office have ben an absolute whirlwind, there is no denying that he’s delivered on many of his promises. One of those has been to reduce the national debt.

Gateway Pundit Shares the following:

On January 20th, the day of President Trump’s Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. As of March 16th, the most recent date for US debt reporting, the US Debt stands at $19,846 billion. President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion and 0.5% in the first two months since his inauguration!


Surely the raving liberals will say that this has nohing to do with Trump and is somehow a carryover of Obama’s aamaaaaazing legacy. Or something. Well, let’s compare what Barry O. did for the national debt in his first two months, shall we?

By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $400 billion after his inauguration through March 19th 2009, his first two months in office. Obama increased the US Debt by 3.9% during this time period and signed the trillion dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill which is widely considered a colossal failure and waste of US tax dollars as well. The failed ‘Stimulus’ was the major piece of legislation in Obama’s first year leading to Obama’s first year deficit of $1.4 trillion. Overall Obama doubled the US Debt during his Presidency and set records for highest deficits and the largest debt increase by any President ever.


SURELY the liberal media will find a way to spin this (or simply not report on it at all) but I’ve got to say, it looks like pretty AWESOME news to me!