The Left Skewers Rachel Maddow After Her Ridiculous Trump Tax Stunt


Rachel Maddow’s embarrassing “bombshell” reveal of Trump’s tax returns is being mercilessly mocked by everyone….including the left. It seems that the once liberal darling is being abandoned by her team, as they try to distance themselves from this mess. Even hardcore leftie Steven Colbert realizes it was absolute garbage, and came up with this:

AHAHA! I’m obviously not a fan of his, but that was perfect. He gets her DOWN PAT. If you were brave enough to watch Rachel’s embarrassing little circus you’ll realize how perfect this is. The ridiculous non-sequiturs, the comically aggressive hand motions, the forced connections to Russia….yup. He nails it.

I wonder if Maddow will ever recover from this. Of course we never took her seriously to begin with, but the left did. They’ll probably forget about it in a few days, seeing as they embarrass themselves constantly and are really used to it by now.