Donna Brazile Finally Admits She Shared Debate Questions With The Clinton Campaign

Hannah Bleau

Last year, we discovered Donna Brazile sent the Hillary Clinton campaign debate questions ahead of a Democratic town hall between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. She “helped” Hillary Clinton more than once too.


Remember how she denied this repeatedly? She told Megyn Kelly, “I did not receive any questions from CNN, let’s just be very clear.”  Then she pulled the Christian card, which was hysterical.

“As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false,” Brazile told Kelly.

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Good times.

Well, Brazile’s coming around. She finally admitted she shared debate questions with the Clinton campaign.

“[I]n October, a subsequent release of emails revealed that among the many things I did in my role as a Democratic operative and [Democratic National Committee] Vice Chair prior to assuming the interim D.N.C. Chair position was to share potential town hall topics with the Clinton campaign,” Brazile said, according to the Washington Examiner.

“My job was to make all our Democratic candidates look good, and I worked closely with both campaigns to make that happen,” she added. “But sending those emails was a mistake I will forever regret.”

Was that so hard?