Remember The Harvard List Of Conservative “Fake” News and “Clickbait” Sites? Yeah. Here’s Who’s Behind It.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Remember when we told you about how we made the Harvard University list of conservative sites with “bias” (YA THINK?!!!)? And several other legit conservative news sites were listed as “fake” or “unreliable” etc.?

Well, whaddya know. A social justice snowflake is responsible for the list. I know you couldn’t have possibly seen that one coming.

Her name is Melissa “Mish” Zimdars, and she’s an assistant professor at Merrimack College in MA. She’s fond of calling conservative websites “The Dark Side.” One of her research areas is – YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE IT – social justice. On Twitter, she describes herself as a feminist and activist.  Her current project, in addition to making stupid lists of conservative websites she doesn’t like, is “an anthology of essays” about “Fake News.”

Her bio at the university website says, “When she’s not researching and teaching, Dr. Zimdars spends time working on, a project that navigates fake and otherwise misleading “news” websites.”

Because she’s the authority on that, y’all.

She’s also a contributor to a left-leaning magazine that focuses on “racial justice,” “environmental sustainability,” etc.  In other words, a magazine that should be on her own STUPID LIST.

If you’re interested in seeing Zimdars’ social media, you can’t, because they’re all protected.   Perhaps she’s afraid of making a list of biased or fake news sites.