Lindsay Lohan Is A Muslim Now, So Obviously She’s Launching A Line Of Headscarves


Lindsay Lohan entered full-blown has-been-child star status a few years back, so the only thing she’s gotten attention for lately is getting arrested and in fights with her lovers and such. WELL, she needs more attention, so she decided she’s a Muslim now. Interesting choice, Linds.

So because this is the OBVIOUS next step for an attention-seeking has been, she’s going to release a Lindsay Lohan line of hijabs.

Excuse me as I die laughing at how absolutely ridiculous this is.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.55.11 PM

Oh, BROTHER. I wonder if the liberals will either freak out at her “cultural appropriation,” or glorify her as some sort of brave hero for becoming a Muslim, which is the left’s favorite religion. My guess is a lil’ bit of both.