Hillary Clinton Was Asked What She’d Do Differently If She Had A 2016 Election Do-Over

Hannah Bleau

Hillary Clinton attended an incredibly private question-and-answer session at her alma mater, Wellesley College, Thursday night. Most of the Q&A session is a giant question mark, because Wellesley canceled its planned live stream and kept the session between Hillary and around 1,000 students and faculty members exclusively. Oh. And everyone was asked to turn off their phones during the event. Wellesley’s President Paula Johnson said that was to “ensure this remains a private Wellesley event.”


However, we do know that Hillary was asked what she’d do differently or change about her presidential campaign, and she responded with a two-word answer: “I’d win.”

Introspection? What’s that? Guess those long, lonely walks in the woods didn’t clear her head. She’s still convinced she did nothing wrong. She was unfairly targeted because she’s a woman. The world was against her. Patriarchy! Wasn’t that obvious?

“You know you’re going to be subject to unfair and besides-the-point criticism,” Hillary said.

Her initial answer was telling. Hillary only cares about power. Win at all costs. Say whatever you have to say to get elected. Introspection is NEVER in order.

It’s not surprising, though. That’s how most Democrats reacted to her loss. They refuse to look in the mirror. Cry, deflect, whine, repeat. Self-awareness really isn’t their thing. That’s OK though. They can keep blaming everyone else, and we’ll keep winning elections. I’m totally fine with that.

h/t The Hill