Michael Moore’s Reaction To President Trump Honoring The Widow Of A Slain Navy SEAL Is Disgusting

Hannah Bleau

If you were considering reassessing your opinion of human meatloaf Michael Moore, you might want to reconsider. He’s more disgusting than ever.

Moore appeared on a special edition of MSNBC’s “Hardball” Tuesday night and explained that he was actually perturbed by President Trump honoring the widow of slain U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens.

“What do you think about his counting the applause minutes that passed over a very poignant moment with the widow, who looked like a wonderful person, in love with her husband? Then he said ‘He’ll be happy up there in heaven with how many minutes of applause he got.’ Isn’t that strange?” Matthews asked.

No. No it’s not. That’s how much this country loves and respects Owens and his family. It was a beautiful moment. Unless you’re a hateful, gross human like Michael Moore, that is.

“Ryan Owens, his death came as a result of a dinner Trump had with his son-in-law,” Moore said. “The widow, that’s why she’s there as sort of an F-you to the people who are criticizing him for this. And this poor women, this widow who has lost her husband is in desperate grief right now.”

Is he seriously suggesting that President Trump dragged her out and forced her to show her face last night? How DARE you. How DARE you question the decision made by this courageous woman. How DARE you suggest that POTUS used her as an “f–you.” She was there to honor her husband, and that’s exactly what happened, you ginormous jackhole.

“And to use that to put another notch on his belt and what is he thinking about?” Moore added. “‘My ratings, my record applause. I’m going to get an Emmy for this, most applause for a dead soldier on my watch.’ That is the sickness of this man.”

No– that’s the sickness of you. No one in their right mind interpreted the moment that way. Moore knows darn well that applause was for Owens and the sacrifice he made.

Moore and his leftist allies believe Trump is an innately evil man. They’re obsessed with “resisting.” That’s all they know how to do. They’ve successfully demonstrated that they’re incapable of uniting around anything. They’ll even “resist” POTUS honoring the widow of a slain Navy SEAL.

If you have a problem with that touching moment, I recommend you read what Carryn Owens’ sister had to say about it. She posted some beautiful, heartfelt words on one of our threads. Moore would be wise to read it.