Howard University Wants Our President Banned From Its Safe-Spaced Campus…

Daisy, Co-Founder

I cannot get over how much college has changed since I attended it.  When I attended it, we went to classes and learned actual subjects and made lifelong friendships and had the time of our lives.  Because deep down, we knew how lucky we were to be IN FREAKING COLLEGE for that blissful four years of mind-expansion and not yet in the real world.

I know – totally crazy, isn’t it?

Nowadays, I just see a bunch of whiney toddlers walking around in beanies and screaming about how victimized they are…how life IS so unfair.   And how they want more crap.

Case in point.  Howard University is “demanding” that President Trump not set foot on their campus, because that would violate their “safe space.”

Seriously.  This is happening.  They’re afraid of the big, bad prezzzzzzident, you guys.  Because of what?  A false narrative.


They tweeted this gem out the other day (I know, it’s hard to read, but you can click on it and go to the original tweet):


What makes it really interesting is that, according to the university president, 80% of Howard’s revenue comes from federal funds. So, that’s sort of inconvenient.  But it’s not like any of these kids have to care about something as trivial as money or how their educations are being paid for.  Pfffft.


Keep demanding, kiddos.  Lord knows the American people are looking for ways to save money and cut the fat, so Howard could be doing everyone a huge favor here.

Higher learning – YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.