Leftist Website Asked People How Obamacare Has Impacted Their Lives. It Went About As Well As Expected…

Miss CJ

Poor Vox.com. They try to tout their beloved Obama’s beautiful legacy and end up embarrassing him (and themselves) in the process.

Presumably in an effort to get people to focus on the positives of the Affordable Care Act (I’ll wait while you have a hearty laugh about that), whoever is in charge of the Twitter account for Vox decided to poll the Twitter hive mind and try to come up with some good ways to polish the Obamacare turd –

Ask a stupid question, get a smart-a** answer. Or several –

There are plenty more where that came from. I thought about posting every anti-Obamacare reply tweet in this post and only stopping when I found a positive one, but there was NOBODY saying anything good about Obamacare in these replies! Which surprised me, since Vox is such a leftist pile of garbage – surely one of their left-leaning Twitter followers would chime in and defend Barry’s precious signature legislation!

But nope. Not. A. One. Every tweet relates tales of skyrocketing deductibles, lost jobs, inability to afford basic doctor visits, long waits to even get in to see a doctor, losing insurance coverage entirely – the list goes on.

Gee, who would have seen that coming?

(h/t Twitchy)