Celebrities React To President Obama’s Farewell Address

Hannah Bleau

President Obama delivered his farewell address last night, and it was something else. He basically said that everything is better than it was 8 years ago, which perplexes me. I mean, if everything is better and a Hillary Clinton presidency would’ve been a continuation of his wondrous policies, why did she lose?

Something to ponder.

Predictably, a bunch of celebrities tweeted about his farewell address, and obviously you need to see their reactions. I sincerely hope you haven’t eaten yet.

I just don’t understand the blind adoration. It creeps me out, honestly.

And of course, we reserved the best for last. You know we have to highlight the comments from our favorite residential hosehag, Ashley Judd.

No idea what that’s supposed to mean.

Also, this.

Hey Judd, while you’re at it, try to be more cognizant of your #implicithaggery too. That would benefit us all.