Chokers For Men Are Now A Thing…

Miss CJ

What’s more, you can’t say anything mean about them. Otherwise you’re a dirty rotten homophobic bigot! And sexist! And probably racist (race is never mentioned, but let’s just go ahead and throw it in there for the trifecta).

According to this, a dude named Aaron saw mens’ chokers being sold in a catalog and he decided to post the images to Twitter with a caption saying that 2017 is going to be crap year –

But the Twitter speech police were on the case! See, chokers are a thing that gay men apparently like to wear, and Aaron was committing a terrible Thought Crime for saying that men wearing chokers was a bad thing. And HOW DARE HE judge other men’s sartorial choices! BLASPHEMER!

Now, chokers are terrible, no matter who’s wearing them. The excuse that they’re a favorite accessory for gay men doesn’t make it better. Not to play into stereotypes, but I always thought gay men were pretty picky about the things they wear. Guess that cliche can go out the window.

It kind of reminds me of the pickup truck meltdown from yesterday – when one tweet asking a simple question led to a slew of journalists freaking out. And this is why I can’t stand Twitter. Communicating complex ideas cannot happen in 140 characters. It’s where the perpetually offended live, just digging around for comments they can take out of context and blow out of proportion for their own “amusement” (meaning that they take amusement from being ticked off all the time – how sad must your life be if your greatest joy is being indignant and outraged on the internet 24/7. Seriously, people – GET A HOBBY).

Bottom Line: Chokers are ugly and nobody said anything about gay men wearing them until the eternally aggrieved got involved. Because EVERYTHING has to be about the Victimhood Flavor of the Week. And I do mean EVERYTHING.