The New York Times Can’t Figure Out Why People In Texas Buy Trucks

The west entrance of the New York Times building at 620 Eighth Ave. April 28, 2016 in New York. / AFP / DON EMMERT (Photo credit should read DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images)
Miss CJ

Oh yes, because that’s what EVERY Texan wants – to be lectured about their vehicle purchases by people who’ve never driven anything bigger than a golf cart..

What did the New York Times THINK was going to happen when they wrote this?

Sure, the article is about the Texas Truck Rodeo, an awards competition for truck designers. But just read this first bit and see if you can’t spot the condescension –

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Tex. — Tim Spell has noticed a peculiar condition that affects Texans’ mental, physical and automotive well-being.

“I call it ‘truck-itis,’” said Mr. Spell, the former automotive editor for The Houston Chronicle. “People in Texas will buy trucks even if they’re not going to haul anything heavier than raindrops. I was interviewing one guy. He had a 4-by-4. I said: ‘You live in Houston. Why do you have this 4-by-4?’ He said, ‘Well, I own a bar, and 4-by-4s are higher, and I can climb up on the cab and change out the letters of my marquee.’”

Whether for high-up urban letter-switching or more rural and rugged purposes, pickup trucks are to Texas what cowboy boots and oil derricks are to the state — a potent part of the brand. No other state has a bigger influence on the marketing of American pickup trucks.

So… they went west and found out that people live in places where they aren’t crammed together like sardines and they have to pretend it’s sophisticated living? That there are places in America where you actually have room to own a big pickup truck, whether or not you actually need it?

(That statement is complete garbage, btw. There will come a time when you absolutely NEED a pickup truck. Trust me.)

Let’s take the Times’s logic further – why do rich socialites need private jets? Can’t they just fly commercial like the rest of us do? Don’t they know how much fuel and energy that wastes? Or why do y’all need a second home in the Hamptons? Your tiny Manhattan apartment isn’t enough for you? What about that souped-up Ferrari that sits in storage that you never drive, you just rub it with a diaper?

New Yorkers aren’t the ones to be lecturing the rest of America about things you don’t “need” to buy. And of all the things to be snotty about, Texans and their pickup trucks is certainly not one of them.

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