Please Enjoy These Mug Shots Of Anti-Trump Protesters Arrested In Portland

Miss CJ

According to this, 71 people were arrested in Portland after four nights of anti-Trump protests in the city. And if you ever wanted to laugh at progressive stereotypes, check out these mug shots –


Nothing says “I’M AN INDIVIDUAL!!!!” like black lipstick and purple hair.

portland portland-4


I feel like I’m looking at a lineup of people suspected of holding up a Starbucks. What? Did they not have enough chai lattes and you all freaked out?


So. Many. Hipster. Douchecanoes.


That very last one looks like an Anita Sarkeesian clone. Or it could actually be her. It’s hard to tell without the insanely-huge hoopy earrings. But the condescending facial expression is similar.

The sourcelink says that the majority of these pretentious hipster losers were arrested for second degree disorderly conduct. Their ages range from 18-54 (though the 54-year-old was an anomaly. Probably a gender studies professor from some university. Most of those arrested were in their 20s-30s).

I would say that this is going to look bad on a job application, but that assumes that any of these tools would even bother to try to find a job. Then again, with the kind of liberal activist organizations that look to employ people like this, getting arrested might actually be a resume enhancement.

I find it hilarious that leftists are protesting and rioting in deep blue liberal utopia cities. I mean, okay, you’re upset about the election results. And the only way liberals know how to express disappointment is to respond with violence and unrest and chaos. What can I say? They never learned how to deal with not getting what they want. Comes from getting participation trophies all the time.

But if you want to punish your political opponents, why are you attacking freaking PORTLAND, guys? Hillary Clinton won Portland (and probably all of Oregon) before a single vote was cast. How does that make sense?

Then again, we’re dealing with people who think destroying other people’s property is a reasonable method of expressing anger and frustration. And if they absolutely must cause havoc and mayhem, at least do it far away from me. Apparently, Democrat policies aren’t causing such destruction fast enough for them.