Female Celebrities Want ALL Women To Vote Against Donald Trump. Because You’re A Woman. And… That’s It.

Miss CJ

That, of course, assumes that women want to vote for Hillary Clinton.

According to this, a bunch of Hollywood leftist moonbats have created the following video proclaiming that “Women Can Stop Trump.” Because don’t we want a woman to be president? –

[iframe id=”http://www.dailymail.co.uk/embed/video/1328139.html”]

Wow. Way to tell women that they can’t think or decide for themselves. It’s like – You have a vagina? I have a vagina! Let’s think exactly the same things together! Abortion is awesome! Big Daddy government should pay for it! That’s all I care about! VAGINA!!

Yeah… no. Not happening, ladies.

So, all these feminist hosebeasts want Hillary Clinton to be the big historical HERstorical First Woman President? A woman who has broken the law, lied under oath, put our national security at risk, left Americans to die in Benghazi, covered up for her husband’s assaults against women, and has sought for nothing more than her own selfish desires for power and authority?

I’m going to paraphrase something from the latest Star Trek Continues episode (that, not coincidentally, deals with a situation where a female officer is denied the captaincy of a Starfleet ship. The female officer cries “SEXISM” and throws an unholy feminist temper tantrum about being passed-over for the promotion, but it turns out she’s made some questionable decisions during her time at Starfleet). It’s certainly time for a woman president. But that woman president should NOT be Hillary Clinton.

If you really care about shattering glass ceilings and showing that women can do anything men can do, then Hillary Clinton is NOT the woman you want standing in that position of honor and authority. Hillary has lied her way to the top and the whole time we’ve had to ignore her actions because “she’s a woman.”

Can you get more demeaning and degrading than that?