Iran Claims: ‘Yes, The $400 Million Was DEFINITELY Ransom Money For Hostages!’

Miss CJ

Well, this is inconvenient for the Obama Administration.

According to this, Iran has released a video back in February showing pallets of cash said to be the $400 million from our government that mysteriously ended up in Iran for some reason that our leaders aren’t being terribly forthcoming about. But it’s totally okay that Obama and company are being cagey about it – because Iran is super-cool with telling everyone that the money was indeed for an exchange of Americans held prisoner in Iran.

Here’s the video via Hadi Nili from the BBC’s Persian bureau. The clip itself is from Iran’s state-run news and it’s in Arabic, but you can see pallets of money being unloaded –

Holy crap – 2016 is 1979 on steroids!

Nili does go on to say that the video could not be independently verified – and the sourcelink stresses that as well – and that Iran TV is known for promoting propaganda. But still – it’s troubling that Iran said this clear back in February and we’re just NOW getting wind of this.

Iran experts who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon said that it is impossible to verify if the images show the same pallets of cash transferred by the Obama administration.

The footage also claims that the Obama administration insisted the negotiations over the matter take place in secret and threatened Iranian officials who may have leaked information to the media.


The footage is part of a February documentary published by Iran’s Tasnim News Agency, which is affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The documentary purported to reveal behind-the-scenes details of the negotiations with the United States to free the American hostages. It maintains the negotiations were tied up in efforts to push the Iran nuclear agreement forward as it moved towards implementation.

Again, this just shows that Iran does NOT take Obama or the United States seriously. And why should they? Obama’s shown weakness to foreign countries and disdain for American interests all around the world. If our own president doesn’t respect American strength, why should Iran? They’re probably loving this – throwing around their might and strength while Obama lectures everyone about how terrible America is.

Eight years of Obama, and nobody takes the United States seriously anymore, least of all Iran. That’s where we are right now. Jimmy Carter must be proud.