The Factual Feminist Checks ‘Male Privilege.’ And It’s Not All That Privileged…

Miss CJ

There’s just as much “Male Privilege” as there is “White Privilege.” Which is to say – not that much (if any) –

Just goes to show that we all have problems that we face. Struggling through life isn’t limited to one gender. But don’t try telling that to the social justice proponents of the made-up gender wars.

  • vyar

    “Men and Women are different, thank God, it’s as simple and complicated as that. Not wrong just different.”
    -Dr. Emerson Eggerich.
    Complicated, yes. And complimenting at the same time.

  • The_Kat

    Leave it to Christina Hoff Sommers to once again put things in perspective using evidence and truth.

    I had someone on another thread get upset with me for referring to Trump as a narcissistic blowhard. He or she seemed to think that we need someone to fight liberals with their same bully tactics. I said we are better off letting calm and logical minds prevail and used Ben Shapiro as an example of the type of people we need to fight for our side with logic and truth (I shared the link to Shapiro’s great speech at Mizzou on 11/19). Christina Hoff Sommers is another perfect example of someone who uses actual evidence and a calm demeanor to get her point across. The best part? Both these people invite others to share their thoughts and opinions, a great example of true tolerance and liberal-mindedness unlike the sort demonstrated by the left.